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From 17th to 19th af June 2009, German-wide students protests were happening. the protestors wanted to initiate a broad debate about the future of the German educational system and to show possibilities of progressive educational and social policies.
In Heidelberg several actions were started and ended in the sponaneous occupation of the University rector's office. After three days, the sit-in was ended by police.

Beginning of the educational strike demonstration , 17.06.2009
Students running along Heidelbergs main street. Altogether, on this day 7.000 people were on the streets.

Powerful protest...

...at the central point Bismarckplatz.

A protester leads the demo in the Heidelberg historic centre

Demonstrators being watched by people having coffee

Occupation of the University rector's office: Protesters put banners to the building, 18.06.2009

Public lecture in front of the occupied University rector's office

Protesters deliberate in the occupied University rector's office

A student is handing out informations about the strike

Students call peoples attention with a human chain

Two women wearing strike stickers

Protesters speaking from the University rector's office

University Pro-rector Roth debates with occupiers, 19.06.2009
Police cars block the occupied building. Previous negotiations between the occupiers and the University failed. In the early morning strong police forces cleared the building, 20.06.2009

An occupier is being arrested by police

Occupiers are frisked by police

An evacuated occupier makes herself comfortable with ostentation betwen police forces

An occupier is frisked by a policeman

The evacuated occupiers were visibly gutted and exhausted

Policemen remove banners from the University rector's office

A policeman is standing in front of the students' claims

Protestors have come together after the evacuation to debate their situation

After the evacuation: Students call peoples attention
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