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Stage combat workshop
Stage combat workshop, Delta Festival Heidelberg, Germany 2011
Fukushima and before
Protests against atomic energy and its aftermath
The events of Fukshima in 2011 mark a watershed in the history of atomic energy. Other than the Three Mile Island or Tchernobyl incidents, the failures in Fukushima led to a broad, continuing debate about a nuclear phaseout.
Especially in Germany, protests against atomic energy do not occur until Fukushima. Most notably, the decision of the German government under Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to reverse the nuclear phaseout, which was agreed under a prior government, caused a strenghtening of the anti-nuclear movement.

Black thursday in Stuttgart
On Thursday, 30th of September 2010, the Stuttgart Schloßgarten park was cleared from protestors by heavy police forces. The demonstraters wanted to prevent the felling of the several hundred years old trees. The trees had to be chopped in the course of "Stuttgart 21", which is a controversial prestigious project. The existing main railway station of Stuttgart is to be replaced by a new one, mainly undergound.
In the Schloßgarten park, the chopping began shortly after midnight. A ban regarding the chopping, decreed before by the German Federal Railway Authority, was ignored.
In first press releases, the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-württemberg claimed that police was attacked by students with cobblestones and tear gas. Later those pretensions were disclaimed.
Police told that 116 protestors were injuried, ten of them had to be taken to hospital. First-aiding paramedics reported 320 eye injuries by tear gas, 40 treatments because of rib fractures, haematomas and so on caused by water cannons. One Person was hit in the face by a water cannon so hard he nearly lost his eyesight.

Students protests and occupation of the University rector's office, Heidelberg 2009
From 17th to 19th af June 2009, German-wide students protests were happening. the protestors wanted to initiate a broad debate about the future of the German educational system and to show possibilities of progressive educational and social policies.
In Heidelberg several actions were started and ended in the sponaneous occupation of the University rector's office. After three days, the sit-in was ended by police.

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